Loan Products

Competitive loan rates are a major advantage of our credit union membership.  Our policy is to grant loans for any worthwhile purpose.  Borrowing is fast, uncomplicated and flexible with our Loanliner lending plan. 

Signature Loans- Personal loans are available up to $10,000, with terms up to 5 years.

New Automobile Loans- We offer 100% financing on new car loans, with terms up to 6 years. 

Used Automobile Loans- We offer 115% financing of Kelly Blue book  retailvalue on used car loans.  Terms are up to 5 years. 

Share Secured Loans- You may borrow against whatever shares you have in your account.  As you make payments on your loan, your shares become available for your withdrawal.  This is the fastest and cheapest way to borrow your money.  No credit check or income verification is required.

Loan Repayment- Convenient payroll deduction can be arranged to meet your monthly loan payments or you may elect to send in your payments each month with a payment book.  Interest is calculated on the outstanding balance of the loan and there is no penalty for prepayment of your loan.

Loan Insurance- Credit Disability and Life Insurance protection are available on all loans for an additional cost which is included in your monthly payment.  Disability insurance covers your loan payments when you are disabled from work for 2 weeks or more.  Life insurance pays off your loan in case of death.


Current members with loans- We may report about your account to credit bureaus.  Late payments, missed payments, or other payment defaults on your account may be disclosed in your credit report

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